Boiled reDone

Moving beyond design

18 December 2019

When I started Boiled back in 2003 as a junior designer, there were no titles like UX, Voice, social media strategist, etc. I have a degree in Multi-Media design... which I am pretty sure is no longer a thing. As the industry evolved and matured, I evolved with it.

Throughout my career path, I have stood at cross-roads where I had the choice of delving deeper into skill sets (like 3D modeling, Animation, Digital Painting, etc.) or learning about other disciplines like marketing, communication, people and how businesses work. My choice has always been the latter, simply because I believe that it makes me a better designer. With the continuous debate about whether or not designers should learn to code, my standpoint is that designers should learn to 'business"

While doing the work a designer can hone their technical skills. By becoming more versed in other disciplines a designer learns to ask better questions and becomes able to understand the problems better that they are hired to solve. Designers that become better at this are the ones that are able to make something meaningful instead of something functional.

Boiled has become my little venture company as well. I like the business challenges that come with a start-up. The design challenges are now more linked to the business challenges which gives a clear way of approaching them. I am now able to relate my decisions to other things than aesthetics and function. They need to serve a higher goal and so you have to go deeper and be smarter.