Digital transformation

Changing digital strategy means bringing change to your organisation

Reaching the new generation of connected audiences doesn’t just happen. Organizations don’t adopt new digital tools without guidance. You need a strategy and a way to bring about organizational change. 

Looking extensively at the customer journey and I can help pinpoint the potential obstacles in the user experience and can help to define better scenarios in order to add more value for a user. Creating a customer journey map, for instance, is actually a very effective way to gain insights into the digital experience of your customers. Applying design thinking to improve the journey through data collection, research and iteration will give not only solve different problems but can also help create new opportunities.

Websites are designed for a certain moment in time, but with the digital landscape rapidly changing the purpose and functionality of websites, so redesigning is a logical step. However, are you redesigning for the right reasons? Is a redesign going to solve the problem that may exist? Or are there perhaps other, less costly ways to improve the site? I can help with that.

As a designer, Maarten has worked for clients like:

TomTom, IJsFontein, Nauta Dutilh, IQU, Tjuna, Terralemon, Clockwork, LBi, Ogilvy Amsterdam, TEDxHaarlem, DBOM - Endeavor Group